Conscious Farming: Where Animal Care & Soil Health Thrive Together.

Our team at CVS Ag will help your farming operation utilize new science and technologies, combined with trusted healing ingredients, to create a sustainable environment where animal care is the top priority. Our products are not only completely safe for your employees, but they are created to mitigate any negative effects on the environment's soil and water quality. We are OSHA compliant with no negative exposure or toxic effects on the animals or the milk they produce.

Minimize Regulatory Effects

We know everyone in business is always looking for ways to get ahead. Regulations affecting our dairy farms make it harder as a business to accomplish that goal. And although we need to do more with less, we must do it the right way. At CVS Ag, we provide the best products with the best service from a family-owned company.

Allow our team at CVS Ag to help you think differently about your agriculture operation's needs. Our full line-up of environmentally-friendly animal health products are designed to provide total foot care with consideration for all of the foot health issues associated with dairy cattle.

Animal Health Products

  • Total Foot Care Liquid CC Concentrate - Automated Systems
  • Copper Complete Powder & Total Foot Care Liquid - Applied Manually To Footbath

Our Services

  • Service Start Up & Installation
  • Meeting with management: expectations, contract, signatures
  • Facility Review & Best Application Recommendations For Maximum ROI
  • Water & Soil Analysis*
  • Herd Assessment
  • Employee & Management Product Training
  • Technician Services Included With Product
  • Bi-Weekly Services:
    • Foot Health Observation & Inspection
    • Cow Health Within Milk Barn & Corrals
    • Facility Review For Footbath Cleanliness
    • Automated System Inspection*
    • Footbath pH & Product Monitoring
    • Management & Employee Updates Regarding Written Findings, Suggestions and Changes Made During Bi-Weekly Visit
  • On-Going Communication With Hoof Trimmer & Management
  • Service Confirmation Via Text (if desired)
  • Optional: Remote Access is available for customers outside of the service area via video or wireless router linked to automated system for monitoring *If Needed

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